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We monitor each affiliate after their registration and at regular intervals, in order to control the local installation of the links. We also reserve the right, partnerships at any time, even without information of reasons to dissolve.

Cheat attempts even are also monitored. Inactive partners will be deleted automatically from system.

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500 extra xxl-Taler for the current User of the day: Engelchen. Congratulations!

Die Rallye "Gewinn-Rally alle Spiele" (Gewinn-Rallye (alle Spiele)) ist beendet:

Place 1: Engelchen
Place 2: RivaDelta
Place 3: Vacationclubflorida
Place 4: ausi001
Place 5: Kegelmaster
Place 6: pantum

500 extra xxl-Taler for the current User of the day: Friredia. Congratulations!

There has been a new drawing of lotto numbers:
2 3 8 18 23

500 extra xxl-Taler for the current User of the day: taubee. Congratulations!